Tiny Kitchen, F. Torres cor. Mabini St., Davao City

It was Saturday and i had an appointment with my dentist, after my teeth done pasta and cleaning … It’s past lunch so we’re hungry, I remember my
officemate recommends me to dine in this place coz the food is good at the Tiny Kitchen located at F. Torres Streets cor Mabini Streets, Davao City.

A Display mouthwatering cakes, cookies and breads, their menu written on a blackboard

Tiny Kitchen is a tiny place, I heard the place was always full and when were there luckily one table is vacant. There are only 6 tables in the place hope they expand more. Upon entering at the place you will notice their mouthwatering cakes cookies and breads displayed on it. The atmostphere was just like a home sweet home. The hostess are approachable and kind, they explain whats on their menu and how it looks like. I learned that this restaurant specialized mostly by spanish cuisine and a little bit of filipino foods. It’s almost 1:30 pm so some diners are finish so they leave carefully and i’ve heard some foreigners tasted their food and it said soo perfectly delicious i love it…hmmm it sounds so interesting to me…

Anyway they don’t have a menu book, but their menu was written on a black board. It’s comfy for me to read it. So we ordered Paella Valencia small which is good for two at 410 pesos, 2 ice tea at 110.oo, we tried a Red Velvet Cake at 90.00 pesos and Choco Brazo cake at 80.00 pesos.. and we billed 695.00 pesos.

                                               Red Velvet Cake

After we done our delicious meal a good looking mestizo and hospitable owner of the restaurant came to us and ask us how was the food? He was Enteng Rodriguez a filipino born with spanish parents. He was married a davaoeña named Donna which also owns the place. I learned that both owners are hands on in their restaurant cooking and baking . We had a short chat with enteng about the paella where he got that homemade taste that his mother can capture. It’s because the recipes Enteng Rodriguez uses are all from his mom who is one of the best paella-makers in Davao City.

Tiny Kitchen Paella Valencia

Tiny kitchen is a must try… I give my two thumbs up with their paella valencia.. I will be back more to taste their best seller paella negra –  a squid ink rice studded with seafood morsels like clams, diced fish, crab and squid bites. Also i must try Caldereta Español and Balbacua Knuckles.

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  1. shinzkie
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 09:22:03

    is this restaurant is a buffet??


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